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Emergency Orthodontist – Prosper, TX

Helping Patients with Urgent Orthodontic Situations

True orthodontic emergencies don’t happen very often, but we want you to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you can always call our office if the worst happens. There may be steps you can take at home to temporarily reduce any pain you’re experiencing, but you should still get in touch with us at Buchwald Orthodontics as soon as possible so that we can set up an appointment in order to fully address the problem at hand. Read on for a quick look at what to do if an orthodontic emergency in Prosper strikes – as well as steps you can take to make them less likely to occur.


Why Choose Buchwald Orthodontics for Emergency Orthodontic Care?

  • Advanced Orthodontic Technology
  • Knowledgeable Board-Certified Orthodontic Expert
  • Comfortable Office with Convenient Hours

What to Do in an Orthodontic Emergency

Young woman with braces holding cheek in pain needing emergency orthodontist in Prosper
  • Reach out to us as soon as you can; you don’t want to wait too long to get the care you need. When possible, we will make arrangements to see you on the same day as your call. The faster we deal with your emergency, the more likely you will be able to get your orthodontic treatment back on track.
  • Listen to any first aid instructions that our team gives you over the phone and follow them carefully. This will help you keep the situation under control until you can be treated.
  • Come to our office at the specified appointment time. Dr. Buchwald and the rest of our team will perform an emergency exam in order to narrow down the underlying cause of the issue.
  • Get whatever treatment is necessary to stop your pain and protect your smile. We will go over the results of our examination with you and explain our recommendations for dealing with the problem. Some emergencies require multiple appointments to fully treat, but in other situations, we may be able to solve the problem in a single visit.

The Most Common Orthodontic Emergencies

Even though orthodontic emergencies are rare, it’s important to be able to recognize them so that you can deal with them appropriately. Our team is here to explain what orthodontic situations might require urgent care. Even if you’re not sure that your issue counts as an emergency, it’s always best to give our office a call just to make sure.

How to Prevent Orthodontic Emergencies

Close up of orthodontist adjusting the elastic bands on a patient with braces

It’s impossible to predict and avoid every emergency, but you will be less likely to experience problems during the orthodontic process if you follow these steps:

  • Keep your braces (and the rest of your smile) safe while playing sports or participating in any kind of physical activity where you might get hit in the mouth. Look for a mouthguard that is designed to be worn with braces.
  • Be diligent about keeping your smile clean during your orthodontic treatment. Remember to brush and floss every day in order to minimize your risk for cavities and gum disease.
  • Take good care of your orthodontic appliance. Follow any maintenance instructions we give you to the letter. When wearing clear aligners, always remember to take them out before eating, and make sure that you’re cleaning them on a regular basis.

Do you have questions about our emergency services or think you have an orthodontic issue that needs to be treated immediately? Don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Orthodontic Emergency FAQs

Young woman with braces smiling in dental chair

What should you do if your braces happen to break at some point? This is the kind of question that you should have the answer to before the worst happens. At your next orthodontic appointment, be sure to bring up any orthodontic emergency questions you might have; Dr. Buchwald will be happy to give you the answers you need. Reach out to us if there’s anything you want to know that isn’t covered on this page.

What Happens if an Orthodontic Emergency is Ignored?

Emergency or not, leaving any orthodontic issue alone for too long will cause the problem to grow worse; in the end, it will end up making your treatment more complicated than it needs to be. Damaged or lost brackets and bands, for example, should be repaired or reattached as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll likely extend the amount of time you need to wear your braces.  And of course, you won’t find relief from any pain that your emergency is causing you until you visit your emergency orthodontist in Frisco. In short, you should never make the mistake of ignoring your orthodontic emergency; call Dr. Buchwald as soon as you can.

Is It an Emergency if Something is Caught in My Braces?

Every once in a while, a bit of food or debris might become trapped in the brackets and wires that make up your braces. As uncomfortable as this situation can be, it’s rarely considered an emergency. All you need is a piece of dental floss with a knot tied to it. Thread it carefully between the wire and teeth, then gently move it back and forth. The knot should push the food out harmlessly. However, in the event that something is caught in your braces that you don’t feel you can safely remove on your own, you should get in touch with Buchwald Orthodontics; we can help you figure out your next steps over the phone.

What Happens if I Develop a Cavity While Wearing Braces?

We will give you tips for brushing and flossing while wearing braces, but even if you follow our directions perfectly, tooth decay could still occur despite your best efforts. While occasionally it might be possible to have a cavity filled while the brackets and wires are still in your mouth, in many situations it simply won’t be possible to place a filling without first removing your braces. Needless to say, this will extend your overall treatment time, so pay especially close attention to your oral hygiene habits during your orthodontic treatment.

Should I Try to Fix Braces on My Own?

It’s never a good idea to try repairing an orthodontic appliance at home. There are steps you can take to try and limit the damage – such as covering loose parts with wax or moving wires so that they don’t damage your gums – but as far as actual repairs go, it simply isn’t worth the risk; leave it to Dr. Buchwald to find a permanent solution for your orthodontic emergency.

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