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Invisalign Teen – Prosper, TX

Straightening Your Teen’s Smile with Clear Aligners

Teenagers already have enough to worry about; why add highly visible metal braces to the list when it’s often possible to straighten their grins with Invisalign instead? Of course, clear aligners have more to offer than just being aesthetically pleasing. They also provide greater freedom when it comes to meals since they can simply be removed when it’s time to eat. Your teen won’t have to give up any of their favorite foods for the duration of the treatment. Furthermore, Invisalign’s removable nature means that it won’t get in the way of your teen’s ability to participate in their favorite sport or play a musical instrument. And of course, it will be easier for your teen to look forward to special events like graduation or prom when they don’t have to worry about people noticing their orthodontic appliance. Invisalign aligners are so discreet that many people won’t even realize that they’re there. Of course, Invisalign only works if the patient is diligent about wearing their aligners for the requisite amount of time each day. As such, Dr. Buchwald may give your teen aligners with a special blue dot on them. As a parent, you can check this dot to make sure that your teenager is wearing their aligners for as long as they need to. If you think that Invisalign might be the right choice for your teen, call our office today. Once we have examined your teen’s smile, we can figure out what their orthodontic needs are and determine whether Invisalign Teen in Prosper is indeed the best solution.

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Three teenage girls smiling and eating ice cream after Invisalign Teen in Prosper

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