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Metal Braces – Prosper, TX

Correcting Crooked Teeth and Misaligned Bites

There’s more than one kind of orthodontic treatment to choose from, but traditional braces with brackets and wires made of metal are still strongly recommended in many different situations. When it comes to correcting severe alignment issues, metal braces are often your best choice – and that can especially be the case with the modern metal braces that we offer here at Buchwald Orthodontics. Have you been thinking of getting metal braces in Prosper for yourself? Or is there someone in your family that may benefit from them? In either situation, we encourage you to call us today to set up an appointment with our team.

Why Choose Buchwald Orthodontics for Metal Braces?

  • Board-Certified Orthodontic Expert
  • Modern Practice with Advanced Technology
  • Dental Insurance Accepted

How Do Metal Braces Work?

Young blonde girl smiling with metal braces in Prosper

Metal braces involve brackets that are attached to the teeth. The brackets are connected by an archwire, which will continuously exert a small amount of pressure on the teeth. Over time, the pressure will cause the teeth to move until they reach their intended position. At our office, we make a point of utilizing modern orthodontic technology and techniques to help our patients achieve the best possible results, which is why we offer self-ligating metal braces.

What makes self-ligating braces different is that a small, spring-loaded door is used to keep the archwire attached to the brackets. Not only is this more comfortable, but it also reduces the number of visits that are required during the orthodontic process.

Why Should You Choose Metal Braces?

Close up of smile with metal braces

Orthodontists continue to rely on metal braces to this day due to the following advantages:

  • Durability: Accidents can always happen even if you’re careful. Durable metal braces can be an excellent choice if you’re worried about your orthodontic appliance being damaged during your treatment.
  • Affordability: Metal braces are a very common orthodontic solution. As such, they often cost less than newer treatment options that aren’t as widespread yet.
  • Easier Compliance: Removable clear aligners do have a number of advantages, but they can only do their job if you remember to wear them for the designated amount of time each day. Meanwhile, self-ligating metal braces stay in your mouth at all times, so there’s less for you to worry about.
  • Modern Advancements: The field of orthodontics has come a long way. Self-ligating braces have made the process of straightening teeth much more efficient, and they can help reduce the discomfort associated with the orthodontic process.

What Should You Expect After Your Metal Braces Are in Place?

Young girl with metal braces flossing her teeth

There will likely be some discomfort in your mouth for a few days when you first get your metal braces, but oftentimes it will fade in about a week. To make dealing with the soreness easier, it’s generally recommended that you only eat soft and cold foods. Additionally, your mouth may need some time to get used to the feeling of braces. If there are any spots that are bothering you, it can help to cover them up with orthodontic wax, which our team will be happy to provide you with.

You don’t want to have to deal with gum disease or tooth decay while you’re wearing braces, so make sure that you’re brushing and flossing properly; using mouthwash may also be a good idea. Our team will let you know which foods you will need to stay away from. We will schedule an appointment with you every few weeks or so in order to take a look at your smile and confirm that the teeth are moving as expected.

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